The Art Of Enrollment™
For Coaches Who Are Looking To Ethically Enroll High-End Clients And Charge Premium Prices
There Are 3 Big Problems Coaches Face When They Try To Enroll High-End Clients And Charge Premium Prices
They struggle to sell their programs because while they are experts in their field, they don’t understand sales & enrollment. They get constantly discouraged when people walk away to "think about it," or aren't "sure" about the money.
Most sales programs out there feel unethical, slimy and sleazy. They use outdated sales techniques and encourage you to manipulate psychological & emotional triggers and teach you to “hard close” and the all-time favorite “overcome objections”. You wonder if there’s a better way to enroll high-paying clients without having to sell your soul in the process.
Attempting to avoid problem #2, there’s a new group of gurus that teach how to close high-paying clients without traditional sales conversations, but their strategies are so COMPLICATED and TEDIOUS that you’re now sucked into yet another black hole trying to make up for the lack of connection and high-touch experience that you’ve now lost.
The Art Of Enrollment™
Join Us to Learn The Simple, Elegant, and Ethical Way To Enroll Premium Clients
Have you ever struggled with…
People wanting to delay the decision to work with you, need to "think about it," or aren't "sure" about the money
Feeling out of alignment because even if you “get the sale” you wish there was a more congruent and fulfilling way to “close” your clients.
Hoping there could be a way for you to feel good about making sales but also wanting your clients to appreciate HOW you do it
The truth is, enrolling high-end clients can be hard if you don’t know how to do it right.
With Our Training & Support, You'll Be Bale To...
Increase your revenue so you can invest in your business, build a dream team and create the lifestyle you desire.
Deepen your relationship with your clients and build the commitment necessary to get better results with your program
Have a sales methodology that is congruent with the relationships that you want to build with your clients and aligns with your desire to impact and help people
And, in order to enroll high-paying clients with ease while feeling good about yourself, you will need to master the 3 core pillars of enrollment:
The Art Of Enrollment™
Ethically And Confidently Enroll High-Paying Clients With No Resistance
The Art Of Enrollment™
For Coaches Who Are Looking To Ethically Enroll High-End Clients And Charge Premium Prices
Whether you’re an experienced sales rep or this is your first time learning about premium enrollment. This methodology works.
Pillar No. 1:  The Philosophy
Learn the core values which guide you in a direction that removes pressure sales. Pillar No. 1 teaches you the philosophy for successful, respectful and ethical enrollment. You will no longer have to “flip the switch” and become a sales-person to “close the deal”. You will understand how to do business with integrity while serving the client to a clear and confident decision.
Pillar No. 2:  The Frame
The Frame is the premium standard of enrollment that takes you from being the Toyota Camry to becoming the Rolls-Royce of your Industry.  Pillar No. 2 delivers the secret to becoming a trusted and respected authority in your industry everyone wants to do business with (even if they are hearing about you for the first time).
Pillar No. 3:  The Syntax
A simple, elegant and enrolling framework that allows you to confidently communicate with certainty, fluidity and clarity without sounding scripted or robotic.It allows you to lead any conversation into inspiring action that truly matters.
Grow Your Business & Bring Loads Of Great Clients With The Art Of Enrollment
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